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How We Got So Hellbent

Hellbent Beauty is the brainchild of Kim and Bunny, a mother-daughter duo who share an obsession with lip gloss and a passion for time travel. Not the sci-fi kind (though that is cool too), but the kind where a color, word, or smell can teleport you back to your childhood, or 8th grade, or your first marriage, or the Trump presidency, or like two months ago when that one annoying meme was a thing while you had Covid.

You may not actually want to relive moments from your past, but here at Hellbe

Services | San Francisco

Whether your dog struggles at home, at the park, or socializing with other pets, Heidi's Hund Haus will cover your needs. Browse our services to find the right training for you. Not sure what's best for you and your hound? Book a consultation for a training plan tailored to circumstances unique to you and your pup. Rates are $160 for 1.5 hour consult and $130 for 1 hour training session. Contact us for more information on playgroup sessions and boarding services.

Santa Cruz Flooring


Santa Cruz Flooring & Design is a family-run business committed to excellence. As one of the most reputed flooring services in Santa Cruz, we provide high-quality woodworking solutions and exceptional customer service at competitive prices.

Owner-operator, Jon Moreno has been perfecting floors since 1989. A master craftsman and designer, his passion is creating unique flooring, in both residential and commercial settings.

We strive to operate as ecologically and sustainably as possible. As a member of the Forest Stewardship Council, we value responsible management of the world’s forests and offer FSC products to interested customers.

Dog Training | Heidi's Hund Haus | San Francisco

Raised in small-town Nebraska, I grew up around livestock, and trace my kinship with animals to childhood. As a graduate student, I fled the feedlots for more humane pastures, relocating to San Francisco where I earned a Master's Degree in cultural anthropology, then worked as an NIH-funded researcher at UCSF. When the Great Recession of 2008 dried up most scholarly grants, I fell into dog walking as a temporary gig, but soon realized I’d stumbled onto a rewarding new career. Though humans are a